Храм Истины (Sanctuary of Truth)

Храм Истины (Sanctuary of Truth) Храм Истины, Паттайя, Тайланд

Храм истины имеет еще два названия - Ванг Боран (Wang Boran) и Прасат Май (Prasat Mai). Строительство этого 105 метрового деревянного сооружения началось в 1981 году на средства тайского миллионера Лека Вирияпханта (Lek Viriyaphant).

Храм Истины находится в самой Паттайи недалеко от берега, здесь можно не только насладиться великолепием кхмерского стиля, посмотреть на многочисленные деревянные скульптуры буддийской и индуистской религии украшающие храм, но и просто расслабиться мыслями и отдохнуть. По мнению основателей Храма Истины, посетители должны придти к пониманию жизненного цикла взаимоотношений со вселенной, ответственности человека, и вообще понять для чего они есть.

Несмотря на то, что храм строится уже более 30 лет, завершить его строительство планируют только к 2025 году.

Вход в Храм истины платный как для иностранных граждан, так и для самих тайцев и составляет 500 бат.

Время работы: 09:00-18:00

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I didn't ask about the necklace that Sina was wearing because she was already embarrassed. And went back to the subject and spoke with a lively face. "Now, you know what I've said so far, right?" Our goal is to bring Ludrat back to his position. Living as a manoteon, you don't have to pay attention to the ridiculous story. The information I got and my skills.

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Sina forced herself to smile and walked back to where she had come from. However, no matter how carefully I looked around and walked, there was no familiar corridor. Rather, it feels like a new hallway comes out every time I walk. A few times, I shouted, "Is there anyone there?" and sang it in the empty hallway.

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I don't know what it would be like if I saw it from the light, but when I saw it from under the torch, it looks like Eul's age. A hallway as if time had stopped. Faded, wallpaper... Sina trembled. With fear, coldness gathered. I felt so bad that the tip of my solar plexus was tight.Let's go back. It's definitely my first time here.'

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"What?!! You shameless...!" But the next horse couldn't end with vomiting blood on the front kick that flew right away. "Ugh---!!!!," the racers said harshly, wrapping his face around and watching Ludrat stepping back. "...I'll teach you which side is shameless!" Bring it on! "...Duck it!" With that incredible kick, stars all over my head.

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The back of the nose was sour and the mouth was torn, and it tasted uncomfortable in the mouth. But he ignored it and murmured, swallowing. "...Calm face... What did he do? "The racers glared at him with eyes cold enough not to lose to him. Then he raised his fist and slapped him hard in the face. (Sound effects) There was a sound of bones bumping into each other to see if the fist went in properly.

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However, the stethoscope was too easy to think of the thirsty strongmen out of curiosity. The moment you open the door. The stethoscope was desperate to close the door again and run to the peony angle. The narrow room was filled with military heroes who couldn't hold back their curiosity and waited for him. And among them were Dangpyo and Eonsegi. "Ah! You're here, I'll wait for your stethoscope."

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"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow anyway..." "You must be tired, so rest comfortably." "Yes, Mujin Sasukjo." Thinking that it was a great coincidence, the stethoscope left the peony. Fortunately, his servants were still there. Even until he went to Yeonhwagak Pavilion on the other side with a haengrang and found his room, this seemed to have been completed safely.

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" Yes, sasukjjoWe have, since many rival leaders who still gathered outside of Chongjin were talking and conscious and out about hansikkyeong looked out at the window for a while.Fortunately, he was not showing any signs of people all seemed like someone to enter and give up." sasukjjo a lot of trouble.Fortunately, you seem to have me into little people outside the province now went. "

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"What are you all staring at just because you have something to see?" "Mujin Sasukjo-nim." I'm sorry. It's all because of my mistake. I should've just quietly visited you later..." "What do you mean I didn't do it right?" People who react as if something great had happened are strange. By the way, I never imagined meeting a stethoscope in a place like this. It's been a month since we met at Yakseonru.

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+5 #2 Марина 03.07.2012 15:16
Действительно очень красивое место, ничего подобного раньше не видела. Всем кто приедет на отдых в Паттайю советую найти немного времени и приехать сюда полюбоваться этим храмом. Прям не верится что такое можно создать руками.
+5 #1 Ирина 31.12.2011 02:20
Храм очень красивый, фоток целую кучу наделали, даже не верится что такое можно сотворить. Всем кто собирается на отдых в Паттайю советую здесь побывать.

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